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Re-register a birth

When the natural parents of a child marry or form a civil partnership, there is a legal requirement to re-register the birth. It is a requirement to re-register the birth even if the child’s surname is to remain the same.

Before you can re-register you will need to complete a form LA1 for each child.

Download the LA1 form

Full instructions on how to complete the Form LA1 can be found in Part A of the form.

  • If your child was born in Norfolk, send or drop your completed form/s into either the NorwichGreat Yarmouth or King’s Lynn Offices with your marriage or civil partnership certificate and your child's full birth certificate/s
  • Once we have your form/s and certificates we will make sure everything is in order and contact you to arrange a convenient appointment, at any registration office in Norfolk, for one or both of you to attend. Only one parent need attend
  • If your child was born outside Norfolk you can take or send the forms and certificates to the register office in the district where the child was born or alternatively you can re-register by making a declaration at any register office in England or Wales).  Contact us if you need any more information.

Essential information:

  • If your child is over 16 and you intend to alter their surname they will need to give their written consent to a change to their surname
  • Both parents must sign and date the form after the marriage or civil partnership
  • There is no charge for the re-registration
  • New certificates which supersede the original birth certificate will cost £11 on the day of the re-registration

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