Colman Gallery

From 16 September 2019 until further notice all ceremonies in Norwich Castle will take place in the Colman Gallery.

This is because the Benefactors Room will be closed while the Norwich Castle renovation project takes place. Find out more about the Norwich Castle renovation project. 

We do not have a confirmed date for returning to the Benefactors Room. When a date is confirmed we will update this page.

The capacity of the Colman Gallery is for 50 people. This does not include the couple and both registrars.

If you are having a photographer, they will be included in your guest numbers.

Outdoor ceremonies are not offered from this location.


For more information on fees visit our fees page.


Use the online booking system to book your ceremony in the Castle.


During the Castle renovation there is room for a ceremony car, however this should not be larger than a people carrier because space is restricted. There are plenty of public car parks close by including Castle Mall, for guests.


Photographs can only be taken inside the ceremony room. You won't have access to other areas of the Museum for photos. No flash photography is allowed in the ceremony room due to potential damage to the artwork. You're welcome to use the Castle gardens. There are some interesting locations in the grounds, including an open-air theatre space.


Animals are not allowed into the Castle, with the exception of service dogs.