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Wherever you might be thinking of getting married or forming a civil partnership, we can help you plan your dream ceremony.

Marriages and civil partnerships are available for both mixed sex and same sex couples 

One of the first things you'll want to think about is where you want to celebrate.

At an approved venue

Norfolk is packed with choice with its rural landscapes, stately homes, city centre hotels and the Norfolk Broads and much more.  We're sure you'll be able to find somewhere to fit your taste and needs.  Take a look at our list of approved venues.

Outdoors at an approved venue

It is now possible to have the whole legal ceremony outdoors at an approved venue, including the signing of the schedule. This is a new change that comes into force on 1 July 2021 and is initially a temporary change that will run to 5 April 2022. You will need to confirm that your venue is offering legal outdoor ceremonies.

You can have your ceremony outdoors at some of our approved venues. We call this an Approved Venue Duo ceremony. The ceremony is in two parts. Celebrate with family and friends in the venue gardens and then head indoors to the licensed ceremony room to sign the register and make the ceremony legal. Take a look at our list of approved venues that offer outdoor ceremonies.

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony you'll need to think about what happens if there is bad weather. Speak to the wedding coordinator at your approved venue to make sure there's another space available that can accommodate your guests. Take a look at our list of approved venues that offer outdoor ceremonies.

Licensed outdoor structures

Sometimes an approved venue might have a structure in their grounds like a pagoda or a bandstand. If that structure is licensed you can hold a legal ceremony in it.  Your guests will probably be outdoors, but as the structure is licensed you wouldn't need to make your way indoors to sign the register and make the ceremony legal.

Take a look at our list of approved venues that have licensed outdoor structures.

Pretty much anywhere you want

Have you thought about having your ceremony in your garden or on the beach?  If so then our Any Place Duo is the ceremony for you.

The proceedings always begin at a register office in Norfolk.  This is where the legal marriage takes place.

Then the celebration takes place either later the same day or within a few days at your dream location.  This can be any place you choose such as your home, back garden or a place that is special to you.

We'll advise you if you need to seek permission to use the location you've got in mind.

Depending on where you choose, a member of our team might need to come and meet with you to make sure that the ceremony will run smoothly and to iron out practical issues.  This might include what happens if it's raining on the day, and taking care of guest safety.

Booking the registrar

Once you've decided what sort of ceremony you want, you can decide on your venue and then book the registrar.

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