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A step by step guide

Follow our step-by-step guide to getting married in Norfolk.

Step 1 - think about the ceremony

One of the first things you'll want to think about is what sort of ceremony you want and where you want to celebrate.

More about our ceremonies

Step 2 - choose your venue

The next thing to do is to choose your venue. Be flexible and have more than one date and time in mind. Saturdays in the summer are the most popular slot, so book early to get one of those.

Don't forget - you'll need to make sure the registrar is available before you finalise your booking.

See our list of approved venues

Step 3 - book the registrars

You must make sure a registrar will be available before you confirm the booking with your venue.

You can book the registrar online.

You choose your venue and preferred date and the system will give you the timeslots when the registrars are available on that day.

You can pay the ceremony fee in full when you book or just pay a reservation fee.

Booking the registrars

Step 4 - give notice and pay your fees

This step is very important.

Giving notice of your intent to marry is a legal requirement that must be given in person by both of you.

If you don't give notice at least 28 days before the ceremony then it cannot go ahead.

Giving notice

Step 5 - your good-to-go email

Once you’ve given notice, paid your fees and submitted your ceremony choices, we’ll send you an email to let you know we have everything we need to help you celebrate on your big day.

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