Your ceremony choices

There is a ceremony brochure that you can peruse before completing the online form that will give you an idea of what choices you will need to make.

We understand how important it is that couples are offered choice when deciding what to include in the ceremony. You can choose several key aspects of the ceremony including your vows, ring words and closing words.

It is a good idea to include readings in your ceremony to make it more personal to you. Search 'civil ceremony readings' online or take a look at some of the suggested readings we have chosen. Please also be aware that if you do not include a reading of your own choosing in the ceremony then the default reading will be read by the registrar.

Before you start completing your choices for your celebration we have provided the following check list, which will help you complete the form with ease as there is a time limit of 1 hour per section to complete and we want you to have just what you want! You will have the chance to preview your choices before submitting them.

  • Have you chosen your witnesses?
  • Will either partner be given away?
  • Have you chosen your readings? It’s always nice to have some additional words read. We have some suggested readings on our web site  to give you some ideas.
  • Who will do the readings? Don’t worry if you can’t think of a family member or guest – our Registrar would be happy to do the reading(s) for you.
  • Did you want to write some of your own words? If so, we would recommend that you have them written and prepared.
  • Will you be exchanging rings/tokens? If so, who will have them.
  • If you nominate a ‘pet’ to deliver the rings, who will be its handler on the day? Please make sure that the animal/bird is supervised at all times.

Make your ceremony choices

Please note: it might take a few seconds for the form to load.

Once you have submitted the form it will be emailed to you and to the ceremony team who will then use the form as your ceremony script.

If you have already completed the online choices form and have changed your mind about a reading or a piece of music you will need to complete the choices amendment form at least two weeks before your ceremony.

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