Childcare business opportunities

Norfolk’s childcare market is made up of over 1000:

  • Private and voluntary day nurseries and pre-schools
  • School nurseries including independent schools
  • Childminders and home child carers

All are registered with Ofsted.

Demand for childcare

are creating a demand for high quality, flexible childcare across Norfolk.

Thinking of developing a childcare business?

  • Visit our childcare sufficiency webpage. You will need to do childcare sufficiency research and you can download our annual Childcare Sufficiency Assessment for Norfolk and request bespoke local childcare sufficiency profiles. You can check out the numbers of children in an area, what competition you will have, what parents pay and what future demand might be.
  • Read about Planning and Building a new Pre-School Provision regarding things to consider

What advice and support can you get?

Find information on national and local organisations who might be able to help you with business advice, funding, grants and loans.

For more information, email