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Good health and safety makes good business sense.  Your staff are your biggest assets but also your biggest investment, and their health, safety and wellbeing is important to ensure they work productively and your organisation achieves its goals.  It is estimated that a major injury costs an employer in the region of £40,000, and an injury causing absence from work for as little as three days costs approximately £5,000.  These costs are considerably more if enforcement action is taken.

New sentencing guidelines were introduced in 2016 and they have significantly changed the landscape of health and safety fines.  Factors such as your annual turnover and how you manage health and safety are taken into consideration, rather than an injury itself.  Six and seven figure sums are now commonplace; even incidents that have resulted in minor or no injuries are attracting significant fines.

Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing team brings a sensible, risk aware approach to health and safety management.  Risk is a part of life and our philosophy is that you should not attempt to eliminate all risks.  We have a proven track record of supporting our customers to develop a reasonable approach to risk management that supports the achievement of their priorities and demonstrates the value they put in their employees.

We are experienced in:

  • General safety management
  • Specialist areas such as fire, legionella, asbestos, event safety, personal safety and construction
  • Health and well-being support to help ensure employees are fit, well and at work.  Our team includes a qualified occupational health nurse.
  • Wellbeing assessments
  • Dispute resolution, provided by a team of trained mediators
  • Training for senior managers, premises management and incident investigation
  • Supporting you during enforcement and government agency interactions such as HSE inspections or fire service visits

Help and support when you need it

Our years of experience and breadth of knowledge means we can offer you down to earth, practical support and advice when you need it.  We offer easy to understand resources, tailored to your organisation, including policies, guidance documents and template forms.

Our clients can contact us by email or phone during office hours, Monday to Friday.  We also offer an emergency support service outside of those hours on a pay-per-use basis.

Why choose us?

Alongside our years of experience and resources, we offer comprehensive and flexible advice and support packages to help you manage health, safety and wellbeing with ease.  We also provide a range of optional extras that mean you can tailor the support you get to fit your needs.

What’s in the package?

Details of our health and safety and health and well-being packages can be found below.  For more details, a full list of the health and safety training courses available, or to discuss bespoke packages and multi-package discounts, email or call 01603 223989.

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