Service options and packages for all schools

New headteacher/facilities management support

We know that starting at a new school as a headteacher or premises manager can be a daunting prospect even if you are not new to the responsibilities.  We have developed a unique service designed to provide you with one to one support to take you step by step through identifying the health and safety requirements of your role.

Essential health and safety training at your site

Our comprehensive training packages support our overall approach to health and safety management.  Our sessions are delivered by a health and safety adviser and concentrate on a practical approach to health and safety rather than a regulatory focus.  We can provide training on any health and safety area but our most popular sessions include:

  • Health and safety management for headteachers
  • Premises management
  • Health and safety awareness for governors
  • Construction project management

Pay as you go health and safety advice

Comprehensive advice and support that you can purchase by the hour.  Useful if you unexpectedly need health and safety support, even if you haven’t bought any of our main services, or if you just want some extra on site support  Examples include:

  • Telephone advice and guidance on a live issue
  • Accident investigation
  • Providing support during a HSE or Fire Service intervention
  • Undertaking contractor approval
  • Observations of lesson safety and reporting recommendations
  • Or anything else you need help and support on.

Policy and guidance access only

Access to comprehensive policies and guidance including curriculum specific guidance available via a dedicated internet site and access to health and safety e-learning courses.

Please note: this service does not provide you with access to ‘competent’ health and safety support.  This is provided through the advice service or on a pay as you go basis.

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