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Employers liability insurance

We are responsible for the health and safety of our employees whilst they are at work.  If they suffer an accident in the workplace, they could bring a claim for compensation.

Download our employers liability certificate.  If you need more information or help, you can email us at

Frequently asked questions

I am a PE teacher employed at a high school.  I will be assisting the local football team with coaching.  Will I be covered under this policy?
Yes, if you are acting in the course of your duties.  However, if the football team is a private team and not part of your paid employment with Norfolk County Council then the answer is no.

Whilst carrying out my duties during the course of my employment at Norfolk County Council, I fell off a ladder and broke my leg.  How much compensation will I get?
Compensation is not automatically paid following an injury.  Negligence has to be established first.

The Friends of the School are organising and running a fete on the schools premises.  Will the school insurance cover this?
No. The Friends of the School are not part of Norfolk County Council and will therefore need their own Public Liability Insurance.

We are using volunteers to carry out basket weaving classes at a care home.  Will they be covered by the Employers Liability policy?
Yes.  Volunteers assisting in the delivery of Council business are covered by the Employers and Public liability policies.

The school is running a netball coaching session and the mother of one of the pupils is a qualified netball coach and has offered to assist.  Will she be covered?
Yes, as long as she is working under the control and management of the school, and the school is happy that the mother is suitably qualified.

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