Witness evidence

If you are asked to give evidence on behalf of Norfolk County Council with regards to a claim, a member of the insurance team will draft a formal witness statement with you.

The statement will be compiled under the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules.

The opening paragraphs start by explaining who is making the witness statement and what their involvement is with the case.

The body of the witness statement should set out the facts of the case as the witness knows them, in a logical order. If reference is made to any documents in the statement these will be attached to the statement as exhibits.

The witness may not know about the incident but the statement will cover areas such as:

  • Action taken pre/post incident
  • Details of relevant policies and procedures
  • Comment on best practice

The drafted statement will be sent to you to agree and as part of that process you will be asked to agree to the content of the statement and sign a Statement of Truth declaration, which should be returned to the insurance team.

If you are asked to give evidence on behalf of Norfolk County Council in court, this will be considered a part of your required duties. If you have any concerns over your role, please contact your HR officer, manager or union representative.

You will be fully supported in the witness process and the insurance team will meet with you before the court hearing to discuss your evidence and answer any questions and concerns you might have.

If you are contacted by the claimant or their solicitors and asked to give witness evidence in support of the employee making the claim, call us on 01603 222839 or email us at claims@norfolk.gov.uk.

For further information on the witness procedure, email us at claims@norfolk.gov.uk.

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