Moving livestock

If you need to move livestock along or across a road, you are responsible for highway users' safety, and for cleaning up the road surface afterwards.

We may decide to erect folding warning signs at regular cattle-crossing places where visibility is poor.  The person moving the livestock is responsible for opening and closing the signs before and after crossing the highway.

Request a warning sign

Only the County Council can put up signs.

Keeping livestock

You must never keep any animal known or suspected to be aggressive in any field with public access.

Stock-proof hedging or fencing must be at least 1.3m high and be strong enough to retain cattle.

Dairy bulls over 10 months of age are not allowed free range in any field crossed by an unenclosed public highway of any kind.  Bulls of all other breeds are also banned from such fields unless accompanied by cows or heifers.

The NFU Orderline document Ref 068 contains detailed guidance to farmers who keep livestock in fields crossed by public rights of way. Contact 0345 845 8458 for more information.

Cattle grids

These can only be provided on a public road following consultation with the Highway Authority, who reserves the right to govern the design specification.

Any cattle grid will need to be accompanied by a by-pass or side gate for the free passage of properly controlled animals and other traffic unable to pass over the cattle grid.  The cattle grid should also incorporate a means of escape for hedgehogs and other mammals.