Home care

Home care (also referred to as home support or domiciliary care) provides personal care and assistance in people’s own homes and is for all client groups, whether elderly or those with learning disabilities, mental health, or physical disabilities.

All providers must be registered with the Care Quality Commission

From 1 July 2017 we will not be accrediting any home support providers in Norfolk. This step has been taken to focus our efforts and enable our work with our recently and soon to be secured strategic providers, Home Support Framework providers, to be progressed.

We reserve the right to re-open the accredited list at any time if it is deemed necessary.

Strategic Providers:
• Are secured, following successful application, and are awarded a framework agreement under the Light Touch Regime of Public Contracts Regulations
• Enable the Council to form strategic relationships to achieve its priorities:
a) efficient market structure and delivery,
b) manage the contractual arrangements ending in 2017 and 2018,
c) achievement of what matters to people,
d) financial pressures

• Are selected on the proven basis of:
o efficiency
o enablement and right-sizing packages of care
o workforce capacity and resilience
o collaboration

For the time being we will maintain an accredited list of providers, who will be used for short-term placements (3-4 months) in the event that a strategic provider cannot pick up a package of care immediately.

If the framework for Strategic Providers is reopened the accredited list will also be reopened to allow for new applications. All providers on the accredited list can then be considered for application to the framework.

If you wish to become accredited with us before 1 July 2017 then please email us at procurementsccm@norfolk.gov.uk with the organisation's full name and address, and CQC Location Id. You can also use this email address for any queries you may have about the contract.

The 2017 spot rate for home care is £17.08 per hour.

If you want more information on Norfolk County Council’s Strategic Direction in Home Support please find a detailed look at our market development plans here

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