Project information

We are replacing our CareFirst social care system with Liquidlogic, a market leading system installed at over 40 local authorities.

To support Liquidlogic, there is a new integrated Finance system called ContrOCC, which underpins and fully integrates with the Liquidlogic system.  We want to move towards online communication with our suppliers through the Provider Portal's new online technology, which automatically feeds into ContrOCC. Providers will be able to submit service delivery information and invoices electronically through the Portal.

Why are we doing it?

  • Providers will be able to control their own data and submit actual service delivery information and invoice data online

  • Online communications between the provider and Norfolk County Council will be quick and efficient

  • The self-service function will provide payment information, contract documents, remittance advice and general help. This will speed up payment and reduce queries.

We will also load contract data onto the Portal so that each contract and Care Package Line Item (CPLI – similar to ISOs) can be accessed securely by the provider, our Procurement team and the Care Arranging Service.

We are working to finalise the Excel/CSV template for providers to bulk upload invoice and service delivery data through the Provider Portal. It is our intention to make this a simple process for the provider. Once ContrOCC has been launched, we will phase the on-boarding of providers to the Portal to submit their actual service delivery or create invoices.

We are supporting each provider through the process change to ensure a smooth transition.

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