Useful contacts for providers of care and support services

Paul Gibbs
CAS Service Manager

Paul Fallows (BSA)

Nick Reid
Senior Procurement Specialist
(Supported Living, LD, Public Health, Independence Matters)

Jenna Bardwell – Procurement Specialist
(Day Care, Mental Health, Self-Directed Support, Infrastructure)

Donna Sinclair – Procurement Specialist
(Adult Residential and Nursing Care)

Sarah Langrish – Procurement Specialist
(Home Care, Building Resilient Lives, Semi-Independent Accommodation)

Emma Bugg (North)

Gita Prasad (Norwich)

Rob Cooper (South)

Rob Jakeman (West) - Acting

Chris Scott (Yarmouth & Waveney)

Steve Holland
Head of Quality Assurance and Market Development

Roger Morgan
Quality Assurance Manager Residential Care

Andrea Borwell
Quality Assurance Office
r - Homecare

Richard Laxen
Quality Assurance Office
r - Day Services & Voluntary Organisations

Clare Marshall
Quality Assurance Office
r - Residential Care

Katie Pike
Quality Assurance Officer - Residential Care

Elena Rocchi
Quality Assurance Office
r - Supported Living

Karen Sahlsberg
Quality Assurance Office
r - Residential Care

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