What we are doing

We have signed up to the Count me in Pledge, a promise from the directors of Adult Social Services of the eleven authorities across the East of England. The promise is for the authorities to empower people and families to work with them as partners in making sure people with care and support needs get the best services possible. By giving service users and carers a voice, these groups can influence the design, planning, delivery and monitoring of services people use to help them to live as full independent lives within the community.

We recognise the important and valuable role that residents, people who use services and carers have in helping to shape, improve and develop services and seek to involve them in research, discussions and consultations.

Our commitment to the pledge has been actively promoted within Adult Social Services and discussed with the Making it Real Group. Along with identifying current examples of good practice, we are working to identify what we need to improve and where we need to develop skills and expertise.

It is important that we work together to build in what works and learn from current good practice. Our major co-production intentions moving forward include:

  • In home support assessors continue to discuss the choices on how support needs and outcomes sought can be achieved at an individual level. The Home Support contract enables providers to work with citizens to co-produce their care plans, allowing citizens as much control over their day to day care as possible
  • As part of the development of the new Learning Disability Strategy we will be asking people with Learning Disabilities and their families what is important to them so that they can be involved in the shaping and the planning of their services
  • In mental health we are engaging with people who use our services, carers, providers and partner organisations to help work out how best to develop our community support services to help with people’s rehabilitation and reablement
  • We will have co-produced a new community outreach/ edge of care service which is anticipated to commence 1 March 2018 (start date will be influenced by the design of the new service).
  • In nursing care we will work with health and providers to understand the future priorities for this sector, and develop our approach to improve our understanding of what service users and their families expect from this sector

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