Locality Provider Forums

We run five locality provider forums across Norfolk to facilitate communication and engagement between organisations providing services, commissioners and operational teams.  These meetings are held quarterly and are open to all organisations in Norfolk delivering social care, support, health and housing.

The forums are led by social care commissioners and are attended by a wide range of providers from across the private, independent and voluntary sectors; and are a mix of those who in contract with us and those who are not.  Attendance is free and there is no need to book a place at the forums.

The objectives of the locality provider forums are to:

  1. Inform organisations working within the locality of our current and future operational, commissioning and strategic plans
  2. Provide a link with the Clinical Commissioning Groups within the locality when appropriate
  3. Provide support, information and guidance to enable providers to meet our changing expectations
  4. Support organisations to deliver their business in ways that meet the growing demand for directly purchased services from social care users and those that fund their own care
  5. Improve knowledge of particular areas of interest and promote opportunities for partnership and collaborative working in order to support the development of the local health and social care market
  6. Offer occasions for organisations to network and share their current activities and discuss the challenges they face
  7. Act as a mechanism for consultation
  8. Enable providers to share good practice
  9. Provide an opportunity for commissioners to meet and engage with providers

Membership is open to representatives from any voluntary or third sector, independent, private or statutory agencies delivering health, housing or social care services within the locality.  Organisations working in more than one locality are welcome to attend more than one locality forum.

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