Norfolk Care Convention 2017

The Care Convention 2017 took place at the Norfolk Showground on Wednesday 15 November.

The key theme was ‘Shaping the Care Market to Promote Wellbeing’, and the convention signalled the shift from a commissioning/service purchase model based on traditional formal services to supporting the outcomes people want through shaping the market as a whole.

The convention set out the challenges we face in the morning sessions and in the afternoon sessions explored how the key actors including care consumers, formal and informal providers and the Council can work together in different ways to promote wellbeing more effectively and efficiently through shaping the market (place).

The convention provided the opportunity for us to set out our market shaping strategy and commitment to engagement and co-production. We emphasised the need for all of us to play our part in shaping the market (place), and set out the steps that we have already taken in response to our engagement programme and the Hannah Miller’s work from the last conference.

In a change from previous years we aimed to attract more service users, practitioners and carers, as well as our care providers and commissioners.

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