Market Development Fund 2016/17

Our investment in market development activities that will contribute to shaping an efficient and effective care market in Norfolk.

The Care Act and accompanying Statutory Guidance accompanied by our Market Position Statement provide a clear framework for Norfolk’s market shaping activity.  They were used as the evidence base for the programme of interventions that were proposed for investment in 2016/17. The underpinning principles of this programme were quality, resilience and value for money.

This market shaping programme is designed to provide a range of packages of support and interventions that will be available to organisations that provide care services. The first year of the programme focussed on developing a revised support network and arrangements for future allocation of market shaping funds. This was complimented by a bespoke programme of targeted interventions to support care providers across the market. This programme has been developed taking account of provider feedback, future market needs and data analysis.

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