Market Development Fund 2017/18

We invest £250,000 in market development activities that contribute to shaping an efficient and effective care market in Norfolk.

The market development fund is used to support a range of projects that make meaningful interventions in the sector for the benefit of organisations providing care services and Norfolk’s consumers of care and support.  The Care Act, our Market Position Statement and Annual Care Quality Report together provide a clear framework for Norfolk’s market shaping activity and direction for our proposed programme of interventions that we will be funding in 2017/18.

The programme builds on the partnerships between the council and providers of care and support to the market to secure quality, resilience and value for money.  Last year it focussed on developing a revised support network and arrangements for future allocation of market shaping funds.  This was complimented by a bespoke programme of targeted interventions to support care providers across the market. Allocations to year 1 of the programme concluded in March 2017, although some activity is continuing.  The 2017/18 fund will also enhance continuity with some projects continuing for another year.

This year the funding priorities are on:

  • Market engagement
  • Quality improvement
  • Place shaping
  • Innovation

The Market Development fund is our targeted investment into the social care market.  We may deliver activities ourselves, or by approaching specific partners.  Where there is an opportunity to open up a particular initiative for competitive bidding we will do so.  Competitive bids will be reviewed by a group of staff and partners with relevant expertise before going through our internal governance processes. Opportunities to get involved either in bidding or bid evaluation will be advertised on this page.

All organisations funded to deliver market shaping activity will be required to evidence that they have effectively targeted and provided appropriate interventions. We would also seek to highlight any added value that has been brought to the sector through the work delivered.

If you have any questions about the market development fund contact, Business Lead for Market Development.

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