Market engagement plan

In late 2016 we held three provider engagement workshops to start a conversation about raising the level of engagement with the social care market. At the core of this conversation was a recognition that more work is needed in Norfolk to realise the market shaping expectations laid down in the Care Act, promote co-productive work between the council and providers, and improve the culture of engagement across the county. In order to take substantial steps along this path the providers who contributed to these workshops identified 36 action recommendations – you can find these, along with a summary of the discussions at these workshops, in a published journal available via the Norfolk Adult Social Services website.

These 36 points form the basis of the market engagement plan, guaranteeing that the agenda for this piece of work has been set by providers. At the same time, it is vital that the council and providers work together to complete this work, engaging with each other to define what good solutions to the issues raised look like and ensure that the implementation of those solutions is effective and sustainable. To this end, we want to work together to tackle the 36 points. Work is already underway within the council on delivering the changes that providers have called for, but now is the time to raise the level of collaboration to ensure that this work is meaningful to you and will deliver advantages that will ultimately be felt by care consumers.

The successful delivery of the engagement plan will result in some immediate and tangible improvements in communications, engagement and how we work together, while very much laying the foundations for further work that will elevate the culture of engagement in Norfolk.

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