Ways of getting involved

Over the coming months we will be stepping up our market engagement to address a number of key issues raised by providers.  There are various ways that you can get involved in this work and contribute to raising the level of engagement in the Norfolk adult care market.

Successful engagement is about openness, understanding and shared ownership.  To this end the market engagement plan is seeking providers who want to be involved in shaping the work that has been identified on communications, strategic co-production, social work practice, market development and payments.  This is an opportunity to get involved in a wide range of areas, from the development of new online resources for engagement and our social care assessment and review processes to the direction of future Market Position Statements and new initiatives that support the development of the market.

Task and finish groups

We want you to continue playing a central role as the work develops, sharing information, ideas and experiences; shaping the way we tackle the identified pieces of work; and evaluating their success as we move forward together in building a stronger and more productive culture of engagement in the care market.

We recognise the invaluable expertise, experience and perspective that you have, and therefore want you to play a central role as this work develops.  There are various ways that you can get involved, from sharing information relating to how any of the 36 points have affected your organisation to offering your ideas on what a good solution to a recommended action would look like.  We are eager to facilitate this collaboration, and invite you to join one of the four task and finish groups that will address specific parts of the market engagement plan:

  • Strategic Co-Production Group: we are going to develop new ways of working together, beginning with how we interact operationally and strategically.  We will take steps to raise the level of engagement at our forums; develop new ways of sharing information and communicating; and make co-production a reality in our working relationships.
  • Communications Group: we have made a number of additions to our website, and together will ensure that we are providing useful information in an accessible manner; promoting clear communication and engagement online; and offering a high level of customer service to resolve problems and provide clear guidance on a range of operational issues. Social Work Practice Group: we have examined how assessments, reviews and funding panels operate, and will together evaluate recent procedural changes and establish clear information and advice; offer training to support the market in delivering strength based care and support; and develop opportunities for providers and social work teams to gain greater mutual understanding.
  • Market Development Group: we want to support your organisation through sharing market intelligence, discussing our commissioning intentions and promoting innovative approaches to providing high quality care in Norfolk.  Together we will evaluate the ways we already do this, and where we can improve in order to nurture a dynamic and resilient care market.

Other ways of getting involved

You can also engage with the market engagement plan and how it will tackle the 36 points identified by social care and support providers by:

  • Providing evidence: information and issues relating to how any of the 36 points have affected your organisation will help ensure that the work of the market engagement plan to address them are effective and results in meaningful change
  • Offering ideas: the 36 points affect how the whole market operates in Norfolk, and your perspective on how the work should develop, what needs to be prioritised and possible solutions plays has great importance Collaboration: working together in the care market requires collaboration but it also requires leadership, with the various groups taking ownership of activities that build stronger, more meaningful relationships

If you wish to learn more about the Market Engagement Plan, register your interest or take an active role in it, contact donald.leggett@norfolk.gov.uk.

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