Support for information and advice providers

Applying the Care Act: for information and advice providers

The Care Act 2014 relates to the provision of care and support for adults. It sets out the responsibilities of local authorities to provide information and advice to all citizens, to assess anyone with the appearance of needs, and to provide care and support to all those assessed as having eligible needs under a new national eligibility criteria. 

Use this PowerPoint presentation to cascade information on the Care Act to your staff.

It will help them to understand:

  • The key principles of the Care Act 2014 and how it will be delivered in Norfolk
  • Information and advice requirements under the Act
  • The role of an independent advocate and when one would be appointed
  • Making an eligibility determination
  • Support for carers
  • Key changes in financial support for adult care

Use this resource information sheet to find other useful resources to use in your training.

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