Norfolk Care Careers

As one of our top priorities at Norfolk County Council we are tackling the recruitment and retention challenged faced within the social care sector. The growth of the sector also adds to the challenge for our providers within the sector, particularly in home care. This is a large issue and we are currently focusing on the ‘barriers to recruitment’ and ‘recruiting the right people’ to increase retention.

We have created a careers site for the sector in Norfolk called Norfolk Care Careers. This is a central platform hosting information about working in social care. It provides one location for potential candidates to visit and find out more about what it’s like to be a care worker, the development opportunities available, stories from people who do the job to share what motivates them and any questions candidates may have.

Providers and partners can upload vacancies available and candidates can apply directly. The site is a free tool to support you in your recruitment initiatives. You can upload vacancies at no charge for your organisation, promote your organisation through the ‘Providers/Partners’ pages, download posters and leaflets to use at open days and read information relating to recruitment on the news pages.

To promote the careers site, we ran a marketing campaign and events across the region with the support of the sector generating a high volume of traffic to the site. We also created a series of films to visualise what motivates people to work in social care, the full set of which can be found on the Norfolk Care Careers website

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