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The NHS and pharmacy and dental services

Community nursing tasks (updated 22/04)

As part of the COVID-19 response and mutual aid programme, providers are also being asked to safely deliver effective simple wound care and skin tear management to people in their care, as delegated by the community nursing team.

To support you and your staff, guidance has been produced that gives detail on the delegated tasks plus training and support available for carers who undertake them.

We would like to thank the many providers who have already taken steps to support this change, and we would encourage all providers to support this approach.

NHSnet email (updated 03/04)

To assist NHS colleagues to provide a remote service to people using residential and nursing homes, those providers who are not already users of have been invited to use the fast-track sign up system to obtain email accounts. This will allow patient confidential information to be securely shared between providers and GP surgeries, community pharmacists and nurses, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.
Providers should have received an email from partners at health partners with a form to return in order to expedite this process. Providers who have not received or not responded to the email are requested to do so or contact Arden & GEM Commissioning and Support Unit:

Pharmacy Services (updated 30/03)

As pharmacies face extraordinary demand at this time, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee has advised community pharmacists that they may dispense medicines in original packs. This may impact on your service or the people you care for and support.
Residential and Nursing Homes – Most services have switched from monitored dosage systems (MDS) to original pack dispensing of medicines from their pharmacy supplier. If you are currently supplied medicine in an MDS format, your pharmacy supplier will contact you in advance if a switch to original packs becomes necessary.
Home Care and Supported Living providers – People in the community or Supported Living schemes who currently have medication dispensed in compliance aids may have it dispensed in original packs. Community pharmacies will risk assess patients to ensure that those who most require assistive packaging will continue to receive it. Community pharmacies will communicate with patients in advance if a change in presentation of medicines is being considered or becomes necessary.

Dentistry services (updated 25/03)

The Chief Dental Officer today issued advice to dentists that routine dentistry and orthodontic treatment should no longer be provided. Urgent and emergency care will be based on telephone advice and prescription of analgesia or antibiotics as necessary.
It is proposed that local and regional dental hubs will be established where further clinical interventions may be provided where required.

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