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Outbreak management

Care Provider Incident Room (CPIR)


Telephone: 01603 257231

Use CPIR to report outbreaks and incidents of Covid-19 among your client populations and/or staff teams.

See the GOV.UK website for COVID-19: infection prevention and control

Stopping the spread of coronavirus

Social distancing rules apply to us all – including people whose job requires them to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please consider the example set by your staff whilst working in public or publicly visible spaces (eg when in the grounds of your service or in the community) and the potential for police involvement if they fail to observe social distancing rules. The Council expects services it commissions and staff delivering those services to observe legal obligations at all times. See Coronavirus information
Our Coronavirus toolkit includes posters on social distancing, responsible shopping and daily exercise which you may find useful in your services.

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