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Health and Social Care Sector Skills Plan

LEP Health and Social Care Sector Skills Plan Project Officer

Izzy Shaw is the project officer responsible for the delivery and development of the LEP Health and Social Care Sector Skills Plan.

Her contact details are:
Tel: 07484086588

Signing of the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Health and Social Care Sector Skills Plan

The Health and Social Care Sector Skills Plan Executive Board are pleased to have the Sector Skills Plan recognised by the New Anglia LEP. This plan will be the first sector skills plan to be approved by the LEP and also highlights the significance of this work to the Norfolk and Suffolk economies. The Chairs of New Anglia LEP and the Health and Social Care Sector Skills Project formally signed the document before the first Executive Board meeting on Thursday 22 September.

The project has been jointly funded by Norfolk County Council, Suffolk County Council, Health Education East and The Better Care Fund. All funders look forward to seeing the positive outcomes of this work and the impact it will have on the social care workforce across the region. The adult health and social care sector contributes significantly to the local economy and is the fastest growing sector in the region, it represents some 13% of total employment.

The LEP Health and Social Care Sector Skills Plan was developed in partnership with a wide range of organisations and providers with the need to identify, recruit and retain a skilled workforce that can meet the increasing and often complex needs of people who require care and support within adult social care services across Norfolk and Suffolk. This is a key priority for the County Council’s providers and the NHS.

There were three key priority areas identified by partners and work has already commenced on all of these through steering groups, jointly run by partners in both counties. The aim of this project is to work across both counties to develop the three priorities to recruit a quality workforce that will be well trained, managed and able to meet the increasing demands of the sector into the future.

We recognise the importance of working in partnership to progress the three key priority areas which are:

  1. Entry and retention in the Health & Social Care Sector
  2. Recruitment and retention of registered Nurses in Nursing Homes
  3. Leadership and succession planning for registered managers and owners

Norfolk County Council’s Chairman of Adult Social Care Committee, Bill Borrett, said: “I very much welcome this new initiative. Effective partnership working will help raise the profile of the Plan, and hopefully help the social and health care sector be more responsive to the needs of the residents of both Norfolk and Suffolk.”

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