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Market Position Statement

The Market Position Statement (MPS) is our annual account of the current shape of the adult social care market in Norfolk, our commissioning intentions and the opportunities that exist for growth. It contains a wealth of market intelligence, providing information and insights on care needs across Norfolk, strategic developments, social care spending and the workforce. It also presents the findings of important pieces of market development analysis undertaken. The MPS is a central component of the Council’s market shaping work, and the information it contains helps all the parties involved in adult social care in Norfolk to understand the current state of the market, the work that is taking place across a number of programmes and the priorities for future commissioning that will shape the market moving forward.

This year’s MPS is intended as an update to the comprehensive 2018-19 document.  The update presents a detailed picture of the structure of the adult social care market, the providers delivering the care, the users of this care market and the Council’s spend in the market.  The update gives considerable attention to the significant issues in the care market, from increasing demand, issues meeting the care needs of the Norfolk population, provider quality, market sustainability, workforce issues and the rising costs of purchasing care.  The update presents the wide variety of Council initiatives to address issues in the care market and meet people’s needs, many of which are undertaken in partnership.  These initiatives, strategies and policies aim to ensure a high quality and sustainable care market offering choice and value for money to all who use it. 

The range of solutions to the challenges in the care market include initiatives to prevent, reduce and delay the need for formal care services and significantly to enable people to remain in their own homes and as independent as possible, for as long as possible.  These challenges need to be addressed by all partners in the care market working together to first identify then working to find the solutions collaboratively.

We are moving to a more interactive online MPS in 2020.  This will enable regular updating of the information and analysis presented.  Further details will be posted on this page as developments are implemented.

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