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Market Position Statement

We have published our 2018-19 Market Position Statement (MPS). This is our summary of the Norfolk care market as it currently stands and how we intend to shape it to meet people’s needs.

We purchase most of the care and support that people require from this care market, which consists of hundreds of independent businesses and organisations. The MPS contains a wealth of market intelligence for these organisations, providing information and insights on care needs across Norfolk, strategic developments, social care spending and the workforce. It is a central component of our market shaping work and the information it contains helps the care market understand the current state of the market, the changing demographic challenges in Norfolk and the priorities for future commissioning across the county’s five localities and care sectors within the market.

The MPS also sets out how the care market is operating against the requirements of the Care Act, and what steps we are taking to shape the market so that it can effectively promote individual wellbeing and prevent, reduce or delay the need for care and support as well as providing effective care and support when it is needed. The Council’s Promoting Independence strategy is shifting the focus towards strengthening prevention and early help, supporting people to stay independent for longer and to live at home with complex needs.

You can read about these and many more subjects in our 2018-19 Market Position Statement, available to download from this page.

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