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Annual quality reports

The Care Act requires councils with adult social care responsibilities to promote the wellbeing of their adult residents and to prevent, reduce or delay the need for social care services. People will, of course, require care and support for a number of reasons, including lifelong disabilities or an event in their lives, as well as simply ageing. The Act also requires councils to promote the effective and efficient operation of its care market in which there is a choice of high quality services.

The majority of the services provided are subject to national statutory quality standards which are assessed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It remains the duty of the County Council to ensure that the quality of services is good, and the CQC publishes quality ratings, which along with other intelligence gathered about the quality of services, enable the council to target providers who are not performing well enough. In order to ensure that the council is well placed to secure quality services, as required by the Act, the Adult Social Care Committee adopted a formal Quality Framework in January 2015. The framework requires the production of an annual quality report and this report, along with the framework, is available to view on this page.

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