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Bed tracker

We have developed a simple process to enable you to provide our Brokerage Service with updates on bed vacancies in your care home. Using our user friendly webform you can inform us of current capacity in your care home and help us support consumer choice and prompt placements.

There are over 350 accredited care homes in Norfolk and Waveney that deliver care and support. In order for us to efficiently work together for the benefit of Norfolk citizens we need to share market intelligence that empowers people to make informed decisions about their care. We work with service users to identify care homes that meet their requirements, and to help inform this process and support prompt placements we are asking you to regularly submit your vacancies to us using this short and simple web form.

It takes only a minute to submit your vacancies.

Submit your current bed vacancies

How we will use the data you submit

The data you submit via the webform is used by Norfolk County Council, the five CCGs in Norfolk and Waveney, and Suffolk County Council (for Waveney homes only) to help support consumer choice and prompt placements in both social care and health. This information will not be publicly published or accessible to anyone else.

Whenever we ask you for information about your organisation we are required to ensure it is processed lawfully and fairly according to legislation and Norfolk County Council’s own Data Protection Policy and Information Management Strategy.

How to use the Bed Vacancy Tracker

We have designed a short and simple web form that requests key information about the current capacity in your care home. We encourage you to update your record whenever your vacancies change – or at least once a week, even if there are no changes. At Norfolk County Council we recognise the important role that systems like this can play in transforming how we work with independent providers. To that end we will be prioritising placements with providers who are using the bed tracker on at least a weekly basis.

The webform asks you to identify your care home using your CQC Location ID. This ID is specific to a single care home, as opposed to the CQC Provider ID which may cover a number of homes owned by one provider. The form will use your CQC Location ID to look up the name and address of the home to guard against entering an incorrect ID.

The form is very straightforward, having been designed to capture basic information about numbers of vacant beds and capacity for specific types of care requirements. You will only be asked to supply available vacancies for the types of care you are contracted with Norfolk County Council to provide.

Once you have finished entering your current vacancy details you will need to select ‘Submit details’. You will then see a screen acknowledging your response.

Contact us

If you experience any issues entering data into the bed tracker please contact

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