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Marketplace eBrokerage

We are launching some online tools which will transform how we work with care and nursing homes. They will make it easier for homes to share information and communicate quickly with us.

What is Marketplace eBrokerage?

eBrokerage is an online application that allows a two-way exchange of information between us and our care providers. This means we will be able to match people looking for care packages with the most suitable provider for their needs. 

Using eBrokerage we can securely advertise the details of someone’s specific support requirements to our providers. It will replace the current manual process.

How does it work?

Each care provider will have access to the web application. We will advertise a customer’s support requirements to appropriate providers using the platform. We will give a deadline for responding to the request. Care requests will be visible on the dashboard, and providers will also receive an email notification.

Providers can then offer a care package using the application. They will have to respond to specific requirements and add documents if necessary. They will also be able to add their own notes. Once they have submitted an offer we will be able to see it.

From these offers we will select the best care package for the person in question. We will notify the successful provider and explain why we think they are the most suitable. The system will also notify unsuccessful providers and give them an explanation of why they have been unsuccessful.

How will it help providers?

Its introduction will replace the current manual process with a more efficient automated one.

For our providers this means that:

  • You will be part of a system that is inclusive, open and transparent. It will offer care package requests to all providers that are able to deliver that service type
  • You can add management information to your offer to support it
  • You can send us your responses to care requests online, at a time suitable for you 


For information about how to use eBrokerage you can watch our training videos. These provide essential information including how to sign in and how to respond to a care package request. 

User guides

You can also look at our user guides for information about accessing and using eBrokerage.

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