Market Intelligence Tool

Our Market Intelligence Tool is a free to access online map of care needs, population demographics, workforce data and business activity across Norfolk.

This tool compliments the wealth of information, insight and analysis that we already publish in the Market Position Statement (MPS), our annual account of care needs in Norfolk, our investment in the market and our strategic commissioning intentions.  While the MPS provides countywide data, the Market Intelligence Tool gives you the ability to dig deeper into the data and see more localised information to help you plan your organisation’s operations.

At the heart of the Market Intelligence Tool is an interactive map that allows you to explore social care needs, health and disability data, demographics, employment information and business activity on a scale that is useful to you, ranging from villages and towns up to district councils and CCGs.

Follow the links to access the Market Intelligence Tool or view a brief user guide to help you learn how to make the most of the tool.  We also have a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have any difficulties using the tool, or have feedback for how we might develop the tool further email

Frequently asked questions

We have produced a brief user guide to help you learn how to navigate and find information in the Market Intelligence Tool.  If your question is not answered there or in this list of FAQs, email

These are geographies created by the Office for National Statistics.  They have been automatically generated to be as consistent in population size as possible.

A Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) is a population size of a minimum of 1,000, the mean of which across the tool is 1,500.

A Medium Super Output Area (MSOA) is a population size of a minimum of 5,000, the mean of which across the tool is 7,200.

This indicates that there are five or fewer care consumers in that area with that primary care need. While we want the data to be as transparent as possible we have a responsibility to protect the privacy of existing care consumers and have applied a level of data suppression to the chart.

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