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Trusted Business is an online directory of businesses who offer services to other businesses.  All members are checked by Trading Standards and supported by customer references.  Trusted Businesses provides a wide range of services including advice, mentoring and marketing.

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We check that members are suitable to be included in the scheme, and we provide customer ratings and reviews to help you make your choice. However, despite our best efforts, a member may be unsuitable for you, some feedback may be inaccurate, or something else may go wrong.  The member is responsible for the quality of their work and product.  Please make your own enquiries before you go ahead, to ensure that you are happy with your choice.

Recommend a Trusted Business

We welcome recommendations for quality Norfolk businesses that could become a Trusted Business.

If you know a business that is trustworthy, or if you've had good experiences with one that provides an excellent service, recommend them to us by emailing the Trusted Business team.

Trusted Business is operated by Norfolk County Council Trading Standards Service in partnership with Referenceline and in association with the New Anglia Local Economic Partnership. To find out more, contact the Trusted Business team

If you have a complaint about a Trusted Business member we would advise you to try and resolve this with the business directly in the first instance.

If you are unable to resolve the complaint directly with the business, then you can contact Trading Standards with details of the complaint. Trading Standards will then respond to the complaint in accordance with the terms of the scheme. See section 6 of our Terms and Conditions for more information.

All members have been assessed by Trading Standards for their suitability to be in the scheme.  However, the assessment is based on the information which is available to Trading Standards at the time.

It is not always possible to tell whether the information is complete and accurate.  Sometimes a business will be accepted as a member when they are not suitable.

Members are subject to ongoing checks, including checks at their annual renewal, and monitoring of customer feedback.  Members’ circumstances may change and the member may no longer be suitable for the scheme.  Trading Standards may only become aware of these changes after a consumer has had problems.

Customer feedback is published on the scheme website.  This website is managed by an independent company; Referenceline, and every effort is made to ensure that the feedback is genuine and accurate.  However, false or inaccurate feedback might sometimes be posted on the website.  Customers should look for a long and consistent track record of feedback.

The scheme is intended to provide consumers with information to help them make a better choice.  It cannot guarantee that every piece of work will be free of problems.

The contract for work is between the member and their customer, and the customer should therefore make their own enquiries and make sure that they are happy with their choice of business.

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