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Coronavirus: information for adults who receive social care

Our social care teams have plans in place. They will always find ways to keep people safe and supported at times of crisis.

Find out information on the changes to charges, relating to the MIG and PIP, taking place during the coronavirus outbreak.

If you employ a personal assistant make sure you read our answers to questions about employing a personal assistant

What are we doing?

  • We are continuing to stay in touch with people either virtually, by phone or through face to face visits to identify and protect the people who need us most
  • We will still work with people in a way that respects individuals, safeguards people and involves them and their families in decision making  
  • All our current care plans are being reviewed to ensure that everything is in place to provide the best ongoing care as the situation continues to evolve. Home care agencies will also carry out the same review. 
  • In line with national advice about social distancing we have closed our day services to protect people from being infected by the virus. We are making sure that people who usually go to day services have alternative support in their homes.
  • Working with our NHS colleagues to free up beds in our hospitals
  • Making sure all our direct payment users are kept up to date with letters, frequently asked questions and information about who key workers are and what the changes to employment law are 

What can you do?

If any information on your care plan has recently changed and you’re unsure that our records are up to date, please make a support needs enquiry online or get in touch by calling our customer services centre on 0344 800 8020.

If you want to suspend or cancel your care because you are isolating, please can you let us know on the number above and let your care provider know. This will help us to manage the information we need to set-up your care again after the crisis period ends. 

Keep up to date with the national government advice

Please see some frequently asked questions to help you below. 

Carers will continue to visit for all essential care - personal care and meals. They might have to combine calls or temporarily cancel less urgent calls, but the care provider should always inform you of any changes.

You'll be informed directly of any changes to your visitation. For example, one visit instead of two. We will continue to pay home care agencies to ensure they are able to operate and that visits continue, particularly for isolated people who do not have any family or friends who can help. 

Agencies are also being encouraged to work alongside other agencies to share staff and resources, and ensure that everyone receives the care needed. If you're worried or have a unique situation, please call 0344 0800 8020 and we’ll do all that we can to help.

No visits or care will stop because of financial reasons. Our priority is that our services remain operational. We will continue to pay providers to carry out their services. We'll ensure that people do not have to pay for any care they do not receive. 

The current coronavirus outbreak means that we are having to make changes to the way people receive their services. This might affect how much we charge you for them: 

  • All services. If you have already made a payment into a direct payment account, or if you’ve arranged for your contribution to be paid directly from your benefits, we will adjust your account and automatically give a refund within the next six months, or sooner if you ask us to
  • Residential (care home) services. If you receive residential care services, we will continue to charge you in the usual way
  • Non-residential (home care) services. If you receive home care, we will carry on charging you in the same way. However, if you do not receive the care you were expecting, we will adjust your bills
  • Day centres, for example Independence Matters. If you receive day centre services, we won’t charge you if the day centre closes or if you do not go
  • Direct payments. Some people receive their care and support through direct payments and have to pay their charge (contribution) into their direct payment account. If you have a direct payment but don’t use it, then you will not have to pay your contribution into your account 

If you are worried about being able to make a payment, contact the financial assessment team on 01603 222133 and choose option 1. Or email

We are providing face to face assessments wherever we can. But if we can do the assessment by phone we will do so, for yours and the worker's protection.

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