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Vulnerable people

The coronavirus situation has made many people vulnerable and in need of additional support.

You might be vulnerable or becoming vulnerable if you’re:

  • Over 70 (regardless of medical conditions)
  • Pregnant
  • Experiencing challenges with your physical or mental health
  • Finding it difficult to get help that you need

If you feel vulnerable and need support, please contact us on 0344 8008020. We can tell you about the different types of help available and help you access it.

Extremely vulnerable people

Extremely vulnerable people have a medical condition that makes them extremely vulnerable to coronavirus.

The government has paused shielding and at the moment is not advising extremely vulnerable people to shield. However, you can still call us on 0344 8008020 to access help if you need it.

There are still important guidelines to follow to stay safe. Read the government guidance for extremely vulnerable people.

General advice and guidance on coronavirus

Even if you don’t fit into a vulnerable category, there is plenty of useful advice and guidance on coping during the coronavirus outbreak on our coronavirus web pages.

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