Vulnerable people

To keep yourself safe:

Concerned about your wellbeing?

The NHS website has advice for people who are at high risk from COVID-19.

Every Mind Matters has advice and practical steps to support your wellbeing and manage your mental health. You can find local support by using your postcode on the Hub of Hope website.

If you're still concerned or have further questions, contact your GP or clinician. They can give advice specific to your situation.

The Covid-19 pandemic might have left you feeling lonely and isolated. To get help if you or someone you know is feeling lonely:

Access to NHS Services

It is important to continue getting the help you need from the NHS and other health providers to stay safe and well.

You can access a range of NHS services from home, including ordering repeat prescriptions or contacting your GP or health professional.

Help with returning to work

The Access to Work service helps people with a health condition that affects the way they work. This includes travel support and mental health support.