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Guidance for shoppers

As society starts to slowly re-open, you may be thinking about getting out and about more to go shopping or socialising.

Before heading out, here are some things to consider:

  • High streets are unlikely to look or feel as before. For instance, you may be required to follow a one-way system or ‘keep left’. Look out for floor markings or signs giving directions.
  • Shops are likely to limit the number of shoppers at any time. You may have to wait outside in a queue to enter. Bring an umbrella if it’s rainy, and be patient with those who may be less mobile. 
  • Shops may have made adaptations inside them such as one-way systems. Therefore things may not be where you expect and it may take longer than usual to get the items you need.
  • Plan ahead: making a shopping list and working out where to get items from can help reduce the amount of time needed to be in the shops. While there are restrictions on numbers, getting what you want quickly will help to keep the queues to a minimum, so everyone can get their chance to shop.
  • Consider alternative ways of shopping such as online delivery or click and collect, which can minimise the time needed to be in shops.
  • Car parks may limit the number of users at any one time, so you may have to queue. Walking or cycling where possible is advisable.
  • Think about who’s going on the shopping trip; taking more people than necessary may add to the queues and may make the visit more stressful.
  • Check online for details of any local arrangements relating to shops or car parks.

There are things you can do to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus, such as:

  • Taking hand sanitizer with you so you can clean your hands before or after touching goods or surfaces such as shop counters, cash machines, handrails, lift buttons, doors, etc
  • Taking tissues with you to catch sneezes
  • Using contactless payment options if you can
  • Walking or cycling to your destination if you can
  • Wearing a face covering if using the bus or train or in places where social distancing may be difficult
  • Following any one-way systems or queueing guidance
  • Keeping to quieter areas – if somewhere looks too busy or crowded, think about coming back later

Remember that any changes are there to make it safer for all of us. Let’s be patient with other people and enjoy being out and about.

Protect ourselves, protect Norfolk.

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