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Our Health and Safety Commitments, COVID-19 Secure

Norfolk County Council remains committed to our Vision for Norfolk. Despite these difficult and uncertain times we continue to work to: build communities we can be proud of; install infrastructure first; build new homes to help young people get on the housing ladder; develop the skills of our people, through training and apprenticeships; nurture our growing digital economy and make the most of our heritage, culture and environment.

We are committed to doing this in a way that protects the safety and security of everyone, our employees, Councillors, partners, service users and the whole Norfolk community. Therefore, we will follow the Government’s phased approach to implementing the recovery plan by:

  • Councillors and employees continuing to work from home where we can
  • Only reopening services and activities in line with the legislation and Government guidance
  • Only reopening services where prolonged suspension would cause significant risks to health, safety, environment or economy
  • Only reopening services and activities where we are certain this can be done safely, a risk assessment has been completed, signed off by the Health, Safety and Well-being Team and the control measures implemented
  • Managing the risk of COVID-19 through 4 key mechanisms of infection control: physical distancing and limiting contact, environmental hygiene, personal hygiene and where appropriate Personal, Protective Equipment (PPE)

Where providing essential services in person the risk management process will include:

  • Making changes to our building environments to encourage social distancing
  • Considering how we can welcome visitors safely 
  • Making changes to how we travel both in our commute and whilst at work 
  • Cohorting smaller groups of employees to limit contact with others 
  • Ensuring our buildings are well ventilated
  • Making changes to the way we carry out activities to limit person to person contact 
  • Ensuring we have the facilities available to encourage excellent personal and respiratory hygiene (bins, tissues, hand sanitiser and wash hand basins)
  • Ensuring we maintain excellent environmental cleaning across our buildings and sites 
  • Encouraging everyone that uses our sites to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene through information, signage and visual cues 
  • Where appropriate our employees wearing the PPE required to keep them and others safe

We will:

  • Follow Government guidelines on infection control
  • Take recognised industry guidance into account
  • Consult with our recognised unions and engage with our employees when planning to reopen services
  • Work with our partner organisations to ensure our employees are safe wherever they work 
  • Consider the individual health needs and personal circumstances of our employees and service users in our risk assessment processes
  • Provide our employees and Councillors with the information, instruction and training they need to carry out their roles for everyone’s good and safety


Tom McCabe , Head of Paid Service
Andrew Proctor, Leader of Norfolk County Council

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