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Kettle Foods case study

Taking your favourite supper and turning it into a healthy and equally tasty dish may not be something you expect from your workplace.

But when the staff at Kettle Foods said they wanted to drink more water, take more steps and eat healthier their words were soon put into action.

A survey, led by Active Norfolk, asking the 450-strong workforce how their health could be improved led to the best ever Well Being Week at the Norfolk firm – and some tasty new recipes from chef Phil Hovey.

The week, which concentrated on mental health, nutrition and physical activity, included a new healthy curry recipe demonstrated by Phil and filmed and shown to night shift workers too.

The survey had revealed that staff were keen to be healthier and wanted not only healthy options in the canteen but straightforward versions of their favourite dishes that they could prepare at home.

“It worked well. We had quite a buzz about the week,” says Louisa Grant of Kettle Foods, adding that they formed a small team of workplace health champions to help keep everyone inspired.

The week's activities ranged from hula hooping and kayaking to giving everyone a water bottle to encourage them to stay hydrated, health MOTs, tai chi, massage, running and a full week of healthy dish options – with free fruit for everyone purchasing those meals.

“It wasn’t just that week,” says Louisa.

“We continue to have healthy options in the canteen,” she says, adding that the Well Being Week and survey seemed to have made people think about how healthy they were and what small changes they could make to improve their lifestyles both at work and at home.

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