The Shared Review

All children in Norfolk who attend an Early Years setting (for example, a childcare provider such as a nursery or childminder) will be offered a health and education review between the ages of 27-30 months. In Norfolk, this is known as the Shared Review.

What is a Shared Review?

This is an opportunity to talk to a professional from the Healthy Child team (this is normally a health visitor or nursery nurse) about your child’s progress and discuss any concerns that you might have about their development. Before you are invited to the Shared Review, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire about your child’s development based on your knowledge and observations you have made.

If your child goes to an early years childcare setting, such as a nursery, pre-school or childminder, an early years professional (normally your child’s key worker) will also do a progress check when your child is 2. With your consent, they will share this information with the professionals in the Healthy Child team. If your child is not in an Early Years setting, so won't have an Early Years progress check, you may want to look at our information on two-year-old child development. It will give you an idea of the development that is expected of most children at around two years old. Please remember that every child is different, and that it is important to celebrate all achievements as our children grow and develop.

Where will the Shared Review take place?

The Shared Review can take place at your home, at your child’s childcare provider or at your local Children’s Centre. A member of the Healthy Child team will do the review and your child’s key worker or another early years professional from your childcare provider might also attend. You will be asked to bring along your child’s ‘Red Book’ which is their personal health record that they received at birth.

What are the benefits of the Shared Review?

The review is an opportunity to discuss your child’s development and to ensure that your child is reaching all their developmental milestones. All children develop at different rates and the professionals will advise you on things you can do to aid your child’s development or if any additional support is necessary, based on your questionnaire responses and the progress check. They will update your child’s ‘Red Book’ so you will have a record of important information that is covered in the review.

Further information

If you want further information about health services for your child, visit the Just One Norfolk website. If you have any questions about your child's health or wellbeing contact the Healthy Child Programme team on 0300 300 0123.

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