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Public Health Strategic Framework 2016-2020

We will help the people of Norfolk live in healthy places; promote healthy lifestyles; prevent ill-health; and reduce health inequalities.

Promote health living and healthy places

  • Working with district councils to address the wider issues that affect health (e.g. housing) and to deliver joint programmes that make a positive impact on health
  • Rolling out a workplace health offer to reduce sickness absence and improve productivity
  • Delivering health improvement and prevention services, including addressing obesity and encouraging more people from deprived areas to have an NHS Health Check
  • Continuing to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on Norfolk’s roads

Protect communities and individuals from harm

  • Redesigning drug and alcohol services to focus on recovery and delivery in the community
  • Focusing tobacco control and stop smoking services on reducing smoking rates in key vulnerable groups
  • Taking a multi-agency approach on issues such mental health, domestic abuse and substance misuse
  • Assuring local strategies for emergency planning, protection and resilience
  • Halving the number of people unknowingly infected with HIV
  • Reducing the transmission of infections in care homes

Provide services that meet community needs

  • Commissioning a high quality health visitor and school nursing service that is linked with key services and promotes health improvement to address obesity
  • Ensuring that a child’s development is checked at 2½ years and that all looked after children under five have their health needs assessed and met
  • Commissioning comprehensive sexual health and prevention services and reducing teenage pregnancy rates in key areas
  • Providing strategic support for NHS commissioning with a focus on health and social care integration and prevention

Work in Partnership to transform the way we deliver services

  • Co-ordinating the work of Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) to address the goals of integration, prevention and reduced inequalities and priorities of mental health, dementia, early years and obesity
  • Delivering a new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Joint Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment
  • Strengthening alignment between evidence and strategy and using intelligence to support a sustainable health and social care system
  • Undertaking analysis to monitor service performance and population health outcomes
  • Developing a single, fit for purpose approach to information and analysis across teams at Norfolk County Council

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