Young carers

Young carers are children and young people aged up to 18 whose lives are affected by caring.

They may care for a parent, sibling or other family member who has a long term illness or disability, learning disability, mental health problems or misuses alcohol and/or drugs.
It is important that their caring responsibilities do not become excessive or inappropriate.

Young carers can become physically or emotionally tired, which can affect their school or college work, their relationships with friends or their ability to take part in leisure activities. 
Young carers can feel isolated from other children and find it difficult to balance their own needs with those of the person they're caring for.

A range of services can help families in Norfolk and we encourage parents to let us know if their child is a young carer, so we can offer extra support either to the young carer, or to the adult to reduce the need for high levels of care by their child.

Where to find support

  • Find support services for young carers via the Norfolk Carers website or by phone 0808 808 9876 or textphone 01603 413957 (Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm; Sat 10am – 2pm)
  • To request an assessment to help the young carer, contact our social care Team
  • Young carers’ rights to support are set out in the Children and Families Act
  • If you or the person you are caring for is about to reach the age of 18, you will be able to get a transition assessment which will let you know whether you or they are likely to be eligible for support as an adult caring for another adult