Leaving hospital

When you leave hospital, you may need some extra help while you are recovering. This could include help with preparing meals; personal care, such as washing and dressing; or help to ‘get moving’ again.

This kind of short-term support is called ‘reablement’ and is provided by the Norfolk First Support team. Reablement can take place at home, or if you need extra help, you can stay in a reablement unit. A reablement unit offers 24-hour care and support with the aim of helping you regain enough independence to return home as soon as possible. Whether at home or in a reablement unit, the support is available for up to 6 weeks.

Before you leave hospital, a practitioner will carry out an assessment of your needs. This is to decide whether you need support and if you do, the right level of support for you. You and your family, if you wish, will be involved in this discussion.

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