Reablement unit

We offer temporary support known as ‘reablement’ on a 24-hour care basis at our reablement units. You might stay at a reablement unit if you have come out of hospital or have had an illness and need some more support. A practitioner will assess you and decide if you could benefit from a stay in a reablement unit.

The aim of the service is to help you regain your independence and relearn skills, so you can return home. Sometimes this service is also called ‘accommodation-based reablement.’

You can stay in a reablement unit for up to 6 weeks, though many people are ready to return home sooner. This is a free service.

We currently have 2 reablement units in Norfolk that are run by Norfolk County Council – Benjamin Court in Cromer and Grays Fair Court in Norwich. There are also a few accommodation-based reablement beds in residential units run by other providers.

Who can get help?

Anyone from the below groups who is over the age of 18 and is assessed as being eligible:

  • People with physical illness
  • People with learning disabilities

What happens at the end of the reablement support?

Many people will not need to stay at the unit for long and will be able to return home sooner. You may continue to be supported by Norfolk First Support staff for a short period of time when you first return home.

If you still need help after your reablement has finished, or it becomes clear at any point that you will need ongoing support, then we will discuss with you other options that would help you to stay in your home. This could include a care package or other support, for example assistive technology, or helping you to get involved with your community again.

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