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Making changes to your home

A guide to the process of adapting the homes of people with restricted mobility

If you have difficulty with everyday living tasks, we can make changes to your home and offer a range of equipment to help you lead an independent life. This could include:

  • Ramps for a wheelchair
  • Bathing aids
  • Stair lifts
  • Moving and handling equipment, such as hoists

Do I qualify?

You'll be able to get help from us if:

  • You're permanently and substantially disabled and meet Norfolk County Council’s eligibility criteria
  • You're not due to have surgery which will improve your mobility and solve the problem

If you meet the eligibility criteria, an occupational therapist will carry out an assessment of need. They may need to get information about your condition from other health professionals, such as your GP, consultant or physiotherapist.

We prioritise assessments according to the level of need. This means people with conditions which leave them at the highest risk of injury or harm will be assessed first.

What type of help is available?

A wide range of adaptations is available. It includes items such as concrete ramps, over-the-bath showers and stair lifts to more complex adaptations, such as:

  • Level access showers
  • Through floor lifts
  • Ground floor extensions to provide bedrooms and bathrooms

These are only examples of what is available. The occupational therapist and members of the housing authority (or their agent) or Environmental Health Department will advise on the most appropriate adaptation to meet your needs.

The Equipment and Adaptations Service can install simple adaptations, such as handrails, at the request of the occupational therapist.

Who is responsible and who pays?

Funding for adaptations depends upon the type of work needed and who owns the property.

If you own your property

Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

If you are a private tenant

Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

If you live in a council house

Contact your local district council.

If your house is owned by a housing association

Housing associations may fund some adaptations for their tenants - contact them to find out.

You can also apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

How to apply

Contact the Customer Services Team on 0344 800 8020. You can do this yourself or ask someone to do it on your behalf.

The Customer Services Team will ask you for basic personal details and a summary of your needs.

They'll pass this information to the occupational therapy team, who will let you know they have received it and roughly when an occupational therapist can visit to carry out an assessment.

The occupational therapist will then contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit you.

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