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Children waiting for adoption

Every child is different, so the right adopter for one child may be the wrong adopter for another. This is why we are always looking for a wide range of new families. 

Some children thrive in a busy family with brothers or sisters, while others may need the special attention of being an only child.

We need adopters for children of all ages. We are particularly looking for adopters for brothers and sisters, toddlers and young children aged four and older, and children with disabilities.

We currently have ten children waiting for adoption:

  • Three boys and seven girls, who all range from one to five years old
  • Three sibling pairs - one set of girls, one set of boys and a girl and boy
  • One child with a medical condition


Rose is two-years-old. Her favourite toys are play cups and tea sets. She enjoys music and loves to dance. Rose has a diagnosis of global developmental delay and is slowly making progress. She is walking and is very active, and is using sounds and pointing to communicate.


Bonnie is a 17-month-old little girl who has lived with her foster carer since she was three days old. She loves to play peek a boo, singing and music and doing the actions to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She also enjoys swimming and making splashes in the bath. Her favourite toy is her dancing llama which makes her giggle. Occasionally she can get frustrated and will let you know by screaming. She enjoys routine and familiarity. Bonnie has global development delay and hypermobility. She is progressing well and is now crawling and pulling herself up on furniture - her foster carer thinks she will be walking very soon. Bonnie is gaining confidence and interacting and engaging well with familiar adults and children at play and stay activities.


Lola is just over one-year-old. She is an inquisitive, cheeky and active little girl who is into everything. She enjoys being outdoors, whether out in her buggy or feeding the ducks, and she loves to have a picnic. Lola is used to dogs in her foster placement and has also been around cats, chicken and hamsters. Lola eats and sleeps well. She is in good health, although is prone to chest infections. Lola needs her adoptive family to live outside Norfolk, and away from the towns and villages which border the county.


Tommy has been with his Foster Carer since April 2019. They describe him as “a cheeky chap.” His social worker says he’s “sweet and sensitive”. Tommy’s favourite cuddly toy is his teddy. He enjoys playing with cars, reading books and drawing. He can be nervous around animals but he loves the carers’ dog. Tommy is significantly developmentally delayed. A psychologist assessment recommended therapy and it is likely that Tommy will need speech and language input. Tommy preferably needs a placement on his own to maximise one-to-one time.

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