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Children waiting for adoption

Every child is different, so the right adopter for one child may be the wrong adopter for another. This is why we are always looking for a wide range of new families. 

Some children thrive in a busy family with brothers or sisters, while others may need the special attention of being an only child.

We need adopters for children of all ages. We are particularly looking for adopters for brothers and sisters, toddlers and young children aged four and older, and children with disabilities.

We currently have ten children waiting for adoption:

  • Three boys and seven girls, who all range from one to five years old
  • Three sibling pairs - one set of girls, one set of boys and a girl and boy
  • One child with a medical condition


Hi, my name is Carla. I am 2 years old and I love going on adventures in the woods and playing with my toys. I have loads of energy and love running around.


Hello! You can call me Tommy. I am an adorable one year and a half year old little boy. I am quite quiet in myself and prefer to be with people that I am familiar with. Tommy thrives with structure and a routine. Tommy loves cuddles and will snuggle into his carer’s arms happily. Tommy enjoys bath time, going swimming, going on walks in his pushchair and swinging at the park.

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