Children waiting for adoption

We have a range of children awaiting adoption, from babyhood to 8 years old.

There are always more children in Norfolk who need adopting than there are adopters coming forward.

Most children have been removed from their birth family by the court so are likely to have suffered early adversity.

We welcome families who can provide a safe and permanent home for Norfolk’s children.

In particular we need families for babies with disabilities, sibling groups, young children with uncertain development due to parental genetic factors and children with emotional difficulties because of their experiences.

Adam (2) and Aaron (1) are full siblings who have always lived together.  Adam is a lively and active little boy with a shy but mischievous smile.  He loves to be outdoors, and his favourite thing is climbing!  Adam also enjoys going to a ‘stay and play’ group with his foster carer.  When first placed in foster care, Adam presented as a quiet and withdrawn little boy who didn’t know how to play, however, he has made really good progress since being placed in foster care in January 2017, with his personality shining through more and more over time.  Aaron is a happy and contented little boy, with a generally placid and compliant personality.  He will make his needs known through vocalisations and gestures.  Aaron is sociable and loves to spend time with his brother and foster carers.  He loves being outside, particularly playing in his bouncy chair and swing.  Aaron also loves splashing water around at bath times.  He is an affectionate little boy who loves cuddles.  Adam and Aaron are both active and lively little boys.  Adam is generally really caring with Aaron, and enjoys spending time with his brother... although they can squabble over toys!  Both of the boys have experienced developmental delay, and both have been making positive progress during their time in foster care.

Christopher (6) enjoys football, kayaking and generally being outdoors.  He loves animals and helping to care for them.  Christopher has help at school, which he has responded to really well and he is in the average ability range.  He is getting more confident at talking about his feelings, hopes and fears.  Christopher needs a family who will give him lots of nurture, help him understand his life-story and keep in touch with his brothers, who have a separate adoption plan.  He would do well in an active, energetic family and should be the only or youngest child.  Christopher loves to be helpful and especially likes helping in the garden and kitchen, particularly enjoying helping to eat the things he’s made!

Denzel (5) and Levi (3) are lively and energetic brothers who love swimming and playing on the equipment at play parks and indoor soft play areas. They both love superheroes – playing at being them and dressing up as them. Denzel has a lovely singing voice and enjoys playing computer games. Levi is very outdoorsy and loves animals. Denzel and Levi can be placed with a family with older children, but they need to be the youngest. A two-parent family would be preferred, as the boys need lots of time, attention and are on the go all day! They eat and sleep well and are in good health. Denzel has some additional help at school and enjoys attending. Levi enjoys nursery. Denzel’s and Levi now have a good relationship and enjoy being together, although have the occasional squabble as most siblings do. Their foster carers find them fun to care for and describe them as lovely little boys.

Hayden (1) is a happy, inquisitive and engaging little boy, with a bubbly character.  He is curious about the world around him, loves being outdoors, and particularly likes sensory things...such as stroking animals, and touching interesting things like tree bark, leaves and grass.  Hayden suffered a non-accidental head injury at three weeks old, and has been in foster care since being discharged from hospital.  His head injury and resulting brain damage creates uncertainty around his long-term developmental potential, however he has been making positive and encouraging progress throughout his time in foster care.  He is generally functioning a couple of months behind age expected milestones.  Hayden has some specific health needs around feeding and drinking – he has an ‘unsafe’ swallow, which means that he requires close supervision around eating/drinking, he has pureed (or well-mashed) foods, and also has a prescription thickening agent that is added to thin fluids, to help him to swallow more safely.  Hayden needs a family who can meet his specific health and developmental needs.  He is a rewarding little boy to care for, and will bring lots of joy and smiles to his future family.

Jamie is a 5 year old boy; his birth mother is White British and birth father is black African/French.  Jamie is an engaging and chatty little boy who has lived in foster care for over a year.  He thrives on the attention he gets from his large foster family and he loves their dog.  Jamie is affectionate and endearing.  Jamie can become a little anxious and unable to be comforted when distressed but this is lessening with his nurturing care.  Jamie is having therapeutic play sessions weekly with a direct worker where he can safely talk about his past.  We are looking for a family who can provide a nurturing and consistent approach with Jamie so he can build up his trust in them.  Ideally Jamie would be the youngest child in the family by some years.

Josie (4) is an engaging and bright little girl, with a great sense of humour and bundles of personality!  She is an active child, who loves playing outdoors.  She also enjoys toddler yoga, and watching cartoons...her favourite being Mr Bean! Josie is a healthy little girl, and in good routines.  She has been making very positive developmental progress during her time in foster care.  Josie loves going to nursery, and is sociable amongst her peers.  She has also been making good progress with her learning, and benefits from some support in this area (which will likely continue into her school years).  Josie has various anxieties and ‘muddles’ that her main carers need to help her make sense of.  She therefore requires a family who can provide her with plenty of nurture and reassurance, with a sensitive, understanding and patient approach.  Within her new family, Josie will need to be the only child, or youngest child by a number of years.  

Penny (3) is an engaging little girl with a sociable and imaginative personality.  She loves to play with lots of different toys, and likes having tea-parties with her dollies, and pretend chats with people on her toy telephone.  She is good at playing with other children, and is always keen to join in with their play and games.  Penny loves playing out in the garden with sand and water, and is also learning to roller skate!  Penny is a healthy little girl, and is in good routines.  She initially presented with some developmental delay when first placed in foster care, but with nurturing and consistent care, Penny has made some really positive progress and there are no concerns around her overall health or development.  Penny has a bit of delay in her speech and language skills, but this is really improving over time and she is able to communicate in other ways when she needs something.  Despite not yet having all the words herself, she has a really good understanding of things.  Penny is a strong-willed little girl who likes to be independent.  She has a lot of anxieties stemming from her early life experiences in her birth family, and benefits from plenty of reassurance and nurture from her carers. 

Sally is aged 7 months and is a smiley, happy and engaging little girl.  Born premature due to her birth’s mother excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy, Sally has a high probability of having FAS.  Sally is a very small baby with big smiles.  She has just started to play with rattles and likes to reach out for them.  Sally’s weight gain is slow but progressing; she has just started having solids which she enjoys more than her milk.  Sally needs a nurturing family able to take on developmental uncertainty.

Thomas is a 5 year old white British boy who has been living with his current foster family since January 2017.  Thomas is a bright, enthusiastic and charming boy who loves adult attention.  Thomas responds well to praise and rewards and feels safe with firm boundaries.  Thomas enjoys lots of different activities, such as painting, playing on the trampoline, riding his bike, and swimming.  He also enjoys television, sensory play, and bedtime stories.  Thomas has some level of delay, especially his speech but this is developing.  Emotionally, Thomas is receiving theraplay to make up for the nurturing activities he missed out on in his early years.  Thomas has an allergy to cat fur. He would benefit from an extended period of time at home with his new family, prior to attending school.  Proposed indirect contact with birth parents and direct contact with younger adopted sibling.

Zoe (4) is a bubbly little girl with a great sense of humour.  She loves playing role-play games with her baby dolls, and ‘baking’ cakes for everyone in her play kitchen.  Zoe also loves singing...even in the bathroom!  She is an active little girl who enjoys playing out in the garden, going on the trampoline, swimming and climbing.  Zoe has a health condition – she was born with hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain), for which she has a shunt fitted to help drain away the excess fluid. Zoe’s condition is well-managed, and does not impact her in any significant way day-to-day.  She will next require a specialist check-up of her condition in two or three years’ time.  Developmentally, Zoe has been making really good progress during her time in foster care.  She has some delay in her speech and language skills, although is making marked progress in this area.  Zoe can become a little withdrawn at times when she is feeling anxious or unsettled.  Zoe therefore needs a new family who will take a sensitive and patient approach to helping her make sense of these feelings, and her past experiences, and who will help her to feel safe and cared for.