Children waiting for adoption

We have a range of children awaiting adoption, from babyhood to 8 years old.

There are always more children in Norfolk who need adopting than there are adopters coming forward.

Most children have been removed from their birth family by the court so are likely to have suffered early adversity.

We welcome families who can provide a safe and permanent home for Norfolk’s children.

In particular we need families for babies with disabilities, sibling groups, young children with uncertain development due to parental genetic factors and children with emotional difficulties because of their experiences.

Callum (nearly 7) is friendly, chatty, kind and interested in the world around him. He likes learning about new things, going to new places and enjoys celebrations, such as birthdays. He loves being outdoors, whether in the garden, at the park or the beach. Callum is very fond of animals, with whom he is gentle and attentive. He has good relationships with everyone in his foster family and should be the youngest or only child in his adoptive family. Callum is popular with both adults and children. He responds well to praise, time and attention.

Charlie (4) is a happy bubbly little boy, he is very chatty and has a lovely sense of humour.  He loves being outside and he is very inquisitive about the world around him.  He loves going for walks and to the park with his carer.

Charlie has reached his milestones and he responds well to a learning environment.  He is inquisitive and wants to find out about things, often coming out with facts that he has learnt and remembered.  Charlie attends nursery for 19 hours, over three sessions in a week - he loves nursery.  Sometimes he will hold onto his carers leg, but he is easily distracted by the staff who are always there to support him.  Charlie has been affected by his early experiences when in the care of his birth parents, he is an anxious child who can be hypervigilant and resort to the fight or flight mode which can lead to him lashing out.  Charlie is currently having some therapeutic support which is enabling him to process his early experiences.  His therapist says he is making good progress and is learning to recognise and vocalise his feelings and fears.  Charlie needs a family who will give him plenty of reassurance, he will need therapeutic parenting which will build his sense of identity, confidence and safety.

Penny (2) is a happy and active little girl, who likes to chatter.  She loves singing along to nursery rhymes and her foster carers say: “Penny is a delight to look after. She can be a bit stroppy now as she has just turned two.  She makes us laugh, she has good attachments and like most children of her age she likes to say no!  Penny is very affectionate and we have great big hugs and cuddles together.”

Penny is inquisitive about the world around her and finds wonder in every detail.  Penny likes playing with other children and she enjoys her food.  She likes exploring and taking her glasses off!  Penny has an underlying diagnosis of Stickler Syndrome type 1, COL2A1 mutation, which means Penny does not make collagen correctly - this affects her sight and joints.  Penny has hypermobility (looseness and over flexibility of her joints), and she needs to wear glasses as she is severely near-sighted.  Penny attends ophthalmology clinic and paediatric rheumatology clinic on a six-monthly basis.  Despite these issues Penny is walking independently, and likes to climb, she is an active engaging child who loves to interact with others.  Penny’s carers have said she is lively and inquisitive but moves at a gentler pace than her peers.  Penny is an endearing little girl with a lot to give to the right family.

Jack is a lively little boy who enjoys playing football, going to the beach, playing with construction toys and being read to.

His foster carer says he is a very well behaved little boy who is affectionate and funny with a distinct personality.  He gets on very well with the children in his foster family, he is learning to wait his turn although mostly he likes to be first!

Jack began school in September and he enjoys going, he is ahead in his number work and on track in all other aspects of his school work.  His speech is a little delayed but since being in foster care he has made good progress.

Jack experienced a chaotic lifestyle and neglect whilst in the care of his parents and he has been affected by these early experiences.  He presents at times as a much younger child and he tends to hold his feeling in but tries very hard to be a compliant child.

Jack needs a family who can understand his anxieties and help him to overcome the early trauma he has experienced.  His foster carer say he is a lovely little boy who brings lots of fun and happiness into their family.

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