What former agency carers say

Why did you decide to transfer from an agency to Norfolk County Council?

“In several challenging situations with our foster children, the only support we received was from the child’s social worker employed by Norfolk County Council. It seemed to us that Norfolk County Council social workers were well organised, they never rushed through the problem and they understood the job foster carers did. After talking to one of Norfolk County Council foster carers and having very professional support from a child social worker we decided to move to Norfolk County Council.”

How did you feel the transfer process was managed by us?

“The assessment process was very well organised. There was no rush to do it. Meetings were planned well in advance and it really was a pleasant experience talking to very professional and caring people. All the work was done by Norfolk County Council and we only needed to go to the panel.”

What has been your experience of fostering for us since your transfer?

“NCC social workers, especially our supervising social worker, are always there with a wealth of experience, very good advice and, most importantly, care. We fostered very challenging children, but support from Norfolk County Council made fostering much easier. We definitely feel supported at NCC.”  

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