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Types of fostering

One of our key roles is to help potential foster carers consider which children they can best care for and support.

For example, there’s a view that teenagers are more challenging than younger children.

But you might be well suited to guiding teenagers through those tricky years. You can help them find their feet and learn to trust again.

Your individual circumstances may also determine which type of fostering best suits you. You may prefer short-term fostering or you may want to foster a child for the rest of their childhood.

You may be best suited to provide respite or emergency foster care. This is where you foster children for short periods of time such as one weekend a month. This gives the natural parents or their long-term foster carers a regular break.

There’s also a growing need for carers of Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (UASC). Your personality and circumstances may be perfectly suited to this situation.

You might find you're best placed to help children move from residential care back into mainstream foster families.

Once we’ve met you, we’ll have a clearer picture of where you can fit in, and who and how you can best help. We’ll then provide round-the-clock support to give you the confidence and skill set to help these children.

We also welcome any current foster carers prepared to step up and open the door to young people from residential care. See our Enhanced Fostering page to learn more.

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