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Our stories

In the words of our carers and our children

As many of our carers have discovered, fostering is a life changing adventure:

“The children may be feeling lost, upset, angry, confused or sad. They need a home and an adult who will care for them – and bring some joy into their lives.
“Our foster carers often tell us that becoming a foster carer has been the most rewarding experience of their lives and they have lots of inspiring fostering stories to share.”
Tracy Collins, Head of Fostering and Adoption, Norfolk County Council

Equally, a child who has been let down in the past now has the chance of a fear-free future:

“My carers have the patience of a saint. How they put up with me sometimes I don’t know, but I am glad they do because I need them.”   
Maria, 16
“My carers are the family I never had. They are always there for me and put me straight when I make mistakes, yet never stop caring about me.”    
Jess, 17

While for the foster carer, their meaningful support is rewarded by the opportunity to watch a child flourish, develop, and realise their potential:

“I am a single carer and I look after two sisters. I look at these two little girls and I feel in awe.
“I look back at myself and think I could never be as brave as they are. I am so moved when I look at them. I can sit and feel what they have been through and wonder how can you cope with what life has given you?
“All I do is care for them, they wake up in the morning and all they want to do is smile at me and hug me.”
Tracy, Norfolk County Council Foster Carer

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