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Care leavers age 21-25

From April 2018, we must offer care leavers the option to have support from a Personal Adviser (PA) until your 25th birthday. Previously, most PA support ended when you turned 21.

If you are a care leaver age 21-25 and your case has been closed, please contact us if you would like support.

Your support options age 21-25:

  • If you request PA support to continue after you are 21, we must provide it
  • If you don’t want a PA after your 21st birthday, you do not have to have one
  • If you’ve said no to having a PA, you can change your mind at any time up unti your 25th birthday. If you return and ask for PA support, we must provide it
  • If you’ve said yes to PA support you can also change your mind at any time. If you tell us that you don’t want a PA any more, we must withdraw the support
  • If you choose to continue with PA support you will still need to have a Pathway Plan

Pathway Planning age 21-25

After you turn 21, Pathway Planning will focus on the specific issues or difficulties that you and your PA have identified together. Your PA will provide guidance and support to help you. Your Pathway Plan will only need to cover things that you and your PA identify. If you only want support for a short time this is fine. Your Pathway Plan will only need to be in place while you are receiving support.

You will have responsibilities to work with your PA, and to carry out your parts of the plan.

Access to funding

Your PA support includes helping you to identify sources of funding. Some funding arrangements, for example, access to your Leaving Care Grant, will be able to continue after you’re 21. Generally, we won’t provide new funding after you’re 21.

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