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Pathway plan

A pathway plan is a care plan. It details the services and support a looked after young person age 16+ will need, when you are looking to move to independent living.

The plan should:

  • Be written with you
  • Explain all of the plans you have for your future

When is the plan written?

When you are around 16, your social worker and Personal Advisor will talk to you about a needs assessment. They will work with you to:

  • Write down what plans and goals you have for the future
  • Think about needs to be done to help you achieve your plans and goals
  • Consider what help they can give you

What should the plan include?

You must include:

  • Where you plan to live when you turn 18
  • What you plan to do once you leave school
  • How we can support you to be healthy
  • What skills you need to develop, so that you will be able to live independently
  • Who will help support you to achieve your goals
  • What financial help you will need to help you achieve your goal
  • Anything else that is important to you

No two plans will look the same as they are individual to you.

Can I change my plan?

The plan is reviewed every six months, until you are 18. You can change your mind and your plan as often as you need and these changes will usually be agreed at your statutory review. You can ask for your pathway plan to be reviewed before the six months is up, if things have changed. This should definitely happen if:

  • You have moved out of a residential unit, hostel or foster carer’s home
  • If you have given up the course, job or apprenticeship you were doing
  • If you need additional help to continue what was in your plan. For example, you need to take an extra course or you need expensive equipment that you were not aware of

What happens when I turn 18?

Once you are over 18, the review can be a meeting with you and your Personal Adviser. The team manager of your leaving care team will sign off any changes to it.

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