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Support and relationships

If you are:

  • A former relevant child
  • Age 18-25 years-old 

This is what you need to know about our responsibilities, regarding support and relationships.

Support from your Personal Adviser

  • We will make sure that you have a named Personal Adviser. Find out more about their role and that of other care leaver professionals
  • Your Personal Adviser will meet you regularly. This should be written in your Pathway Plan
  • Your Personal Adviser will support you to develop the skills you need to become a secure, safe adult who is able to cope with the responsibilities of adult life
  • Your Personal Adviser will also help you access services you may need, for example:
    • Mental health services
    • Drug and alcohol services
    • Family planning
    or just make sure you have the support you need from the right organisations at the right time
  • Your Personal Adviser can help make sure you are claiming all your entitlements. This could be a bursary for college, or benefits if you are out of education and work
  • Your Personal Adviser will make sure that you understand how to stay healthy

MOMO (Mind Of My Own) app

You can download the MOMO (Mind Of My Own) app to your phone or mobile device for free. It's a great way to keep in touch with your Personal Adviser or social worker. You can:

  • Send questions before meetings, or when you are preparing for your Pathway Plan reviews
  • Share good news

If you want to make a formal complaint, you can use the 'sort a problem' section. 

Visit the website to download the app

Your Own Place mentors

Your Own Place has over 100 volunteer mentors who are trained to listen, chat to you about your plans and help you find solutions to the tricky bits of starting out on adult life. You don't need to be moving house to get their support. Mentors come from all backgrounds, ages, genders and interests. They'll meet you roughly once a week for coffee (they are buying!) and chat with you informally. It's another source of support for you, and you're in charge of what you chat about. You don't need to complete any paperwork, and there are no reports to send to your Personal Adviser.

To find out more visit Your Own Place website or contact to get started with a mentor.


Advocacy is about helping you to speak out about what is important to you. You have the right to have your say to us (Children’s Services) and be listened to when decisions are being made about you.
Coram Voice is an independent children’s charity who provide advocates to Norfolk children and young people. The advocates are friendly and highly experienced professionals. They will support, enable and empower you to be heard, and provide you with information about your rights and entitlements. 
Find out more about Coram Voice advocacy service and how to contact them.

Support if you have additional needs

Moving into adult life is an exciting yet worrying time of change for all young people. It can be particularly difficult if you have additional needs and find it hard to understand what extra support is available.

Our new ‘Preparing for Adult Life service’ is for all care leavers with additional needs, up until age 25. It is a source of guidance and information if you might need additional short-term or long-term support as you reach adulthood. The service can work with you and your social worker, personal adviser, and carers. This will be part of your care and pathway planning, so you know what help is available and it is ready when you need it. 

If you have a medical condition related to your additional needs, such as a learning disability, you could get additional social care support. This might be help to find a job, live independently, remain healthy and access the community. You can find further information on our preparing for adult life web pages, which are part of the SEND Local Offer.


  • We can also help you to maintain or regain contact with people special to you, or who cared for you in the past. For example, former foster carers or independent visitors
  • We will also offer support to help you reconnect with family, where it is in your best interests

Further information

  • To get more information about support and relationships and our responsibilities, contact us

If you’re not sure what your status is, you can check the criteria or contact us.

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